Extracurriculars at ACA

Aldersgate Christian Academy provides opportunities for development in various areas of the student’s life. A well – rounded individual is developed through involvement in formal and informal programs offered at ACA. Taking part in the activities offered, and the organizations available, will enhance your personality, initiative, and abilities.


ACA offers a strong music program for K-12.  There are several levels of band and choir offered along with an Elementary Piano Lab.  Aldersgate Christian

Academy offers to every student, who is interested and capable, the opportunity to participate in the High School Choir, High School Band, and the Symphonic Wind and String Ensemble.  Both choir and band are involved in state fine-arts competition.


Aldersgate Students Purposefully Illustrating Responsibility and Excellence is a select group of high school students who work together to maintain a high moral at ACA. 

ASPIRE exists for the following purposes:

  • To promote school spirit (i.e., enthusiastic response to the goals and standards of Aldersgate Christian Academy).
  • To develop student responsibility, initiative, and leadership.
  • To promote a spirit of cooperation and communication among student, faculty, and the Administration.


Aldersgate Christian Academy offers to Junior High and High School students, who are interested and capable, the opportunity to participate in the athletic program.  Flames Volleyball program is offered to young ladies, while the young men may participate on the Basketball team.  Both teams actively participate in several tournaments, including the God’s Bible School & College tournament.

Flames Schedule

Extracurricular at Aldersgate Christian Academy