We know kids.

We know kids.


student participation in music, band or choir


faculty/staff certified by ODE

books, periodicals and maps available in our library

EdChoice aid received by families per year

days of Physical Education from K–8th

chapel services attended from K–12th

organized sports teams from 5th–12th


students receiving aid per year

books read by students per year


students headed to college after graduation


students graduating with a B average or higher

hours of student service per year

Help develop a leader

Develop a leader

Help us develop leaders and provide a student with the opportunity to grow.

Homeschool families

Home Schoolers

Homeschoolers, we’d like to partner with you. Participate in music, sports & more!

Dual credit courses

Our courses are Regionally Accredited and designed to be used by high school students.


2009 ACA Graduate

At ACA, the teachers cared, not just for my academic status, but for my soul too.

Being in that supportive learning environment changed the way I felt about coming to school!


2010 ACA Graduate

I’d hate to imagine where I’d be today if people at ACA didn’t invest in me.


8th Grade

I feel like I’m getting a strong education and spiritual foundation.

We develop leaders who

so they can positively impact their world.

Aldersgate Christian Academy

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