Academics at ACA Beza

Aldersgate Christian Academy offers families in the greater Cincinnati area a quality, faith-based education for students Kindergarten through 12th grade.  Aldersgate is conveniently located in Mt. Auburn.  Over 50% of our students live in the city limits of Cincinnati. 

ACA is proud to incorporate Biblical principles into each classroom by using Christian curriculum.  Christian teachers also strive to incorporate practical experiences into each subject.

We aspire to train each student to make a difference by becoming a servant leader.

Aldersgate Christian Academy annually tests students and tracks their academic performance.  The students score in the top 20% of nationwide testing.  Eighty-five percent of ACA graduates attend college.

Kindergarten through 11th grade students annually participate in the Stanford Achievement Test.  Ohio Department of Education EdChoice scholarship recipients are biannually tested in the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for Colleges and Careers.  Accelerated students may opt to participate in the TACS Academic Testing Competition as well.  High School students must also pass the Ohio Graduation Tests as part of the graduation requirements.

Through the Post-Secondary Education Opportunities, ACA students are afforded the opportunity of attending college classes and earning college credits while finishing high school.

Parent Portal

Parents can easily monitor their child’s grades through the Parent Portal.  Parents are encouraged to check the Parent Portal on a regular basis so that they are aware of academic concerns.  Click here to access the parent portal.